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What We Do

  • Interpret the clients need and ability to promote their requirements.
  • Revival of your existing space at your budget, makeovers and transformations.
  • Optimise space innovatively for all types of residential places.
  • Color therapy to enhance moods to soothe nerves & enhance moods.
  • Vibrancy of colours for vivacious interiors.
  • Create warm ambience in chic designs resonating with your aspirations.
  • We are innovative in space optimisation for all types of residential.
  • We will guide your design saving you countless hours and costly mistakes.
  • Enhance your home’s visual appeal from paint colours to drapery material.
  • Realise and translate your dreams and expectations into a pleasant reality

How We Do

  • Inspect the space by interacting with you, either by site visit restricted to Delhi NCR or by photographs sent and telephonic conversation, to establish rapport and understand your needs.
  • After an initial discussion and visit to the property, we provide sketched design and options are created to meet your requirements together with a specification and quotation.
  • Firm up designs, schemes and specifications.
  • Having agreed the exact requirements of our customer, careful planning and scheduling of work means that we complete on time and within budget.
  • We believe that, during the project, it is vital that our customer is aware of progress.
  • Undertake all types of refurbishment work providing the full range of services required to plan, manage and carry out all work required in the improvement of your home.
  • Adherence to quality standards and time frame.
  • We can also provide (if desired) skilled personnel for correct interpretation and true implementation and timely execution of our designs.

Our Online Packages

Colour Consultation


To freshen up interiors without any major renovations, considered as redecorating.

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Mini Concept


This give you a mini concept, a revised layout design and colour scheme.

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Design Concept


This offers you more choice and flexibility with the design. This includes more detailed designs .

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