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About Interior Medini

Medini offers a comprehensive ,practical and artistic and ofcourse affordable solution online. Bringing you aesthetic and functional designs with a process that is stress free, simple and guided. From the luxury of your own home, we work together to find the best decoration solutions. We will help you online to find a solution to your decor and design problems.

Whether you have one problem room ,a whole house or other space , we can provide you with a professional written analysis within 8-10 working days. Simply take photographs of the room and email us with details on what you are trying to achieve.

Our Packages

Package 1: Color Consultation


To freshen up interiors without any major renovations, considered as refurbish.

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Package 2: Mini Concept


This give you a mini concept, a revised layout design and colour scheme.

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Package 3: Design Concept


This offers you more choice and flexibility with the design. This includes more detailed designs .

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Our Design Process

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Simply take photographs along with rough sketch and measurements of the room.

Email us with details what you wish to achieve.

We will design a layout and send 3D-views of your space along with color and furniture co-ordinates.

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